“Mentoring refers to the guidance and support that a knowledgeable, experienced and respected person can to give to younger person interested in development. Mentoring is formed by interaction with the mentor and mentee to exchange knowledge and experience on agreed themes. The mentoring relationship is built on mutual openness, trust and commitment to a common goal.”

Yearly mentoring project works as a close link between the change ideas and the exchange of experiences already graduated, a more experienced working person and student interested in development. Experiences mentoring program has been positive, and it is perceived to be valuable from mentors and the mentee’s point of view.

Mentors have always been also from outside of the Indecs Network businesses and will undoubtedly continue to be. From the practical point of view it is good if you live in Tampere region, so the organization of joint meetings with the mentee is more convenient. Especially more alumni is needed for mentoring.

The mentor receives from mentoring:
• The interested interlocutor to work and work-related issues
• Valuable connection and channel to university education and university world
• Insight of the capacity of graduates
• Versatile opportunity to interact with the student
• Opportunity to influence teaching content
• Information about the new trends of the field

The student receives from mentoring:
• The valuable cooperation partner in employment
• Practical knowledge of the sector of personal interest
• The views and experiences of work life for the basis of career planning
• Interaction with experts in their field
• Network that could help with employment.
• Study motivation
• Tips for planning ones studies

Ask more information about the mentoring from the Corporate relations assistant:


Juho Martikainen

Email: juho.martikainen [at]

Puh: (+358) 504410708