International affairs

Today, IEM graduates can no longer differentiate themselves from other job applicants with their english skills, they are a prerequisite. Indecs makes sure that its members have chances to gather valuable international experience at their home campus, as well as abroad. The guild arranges several international events per year, such as the ice dipping sauna and the international Sitsit with the students of the International sales & sourcing master’s programme and exchange students. International students are always welcome to Indecs’ events, join us and get to know Finnish people!

Moreover, Indecs is a member of ESTIEM (European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management), which enables all members to travel cheaply to events, whose contents range from simply having fun for a week with other European IEM students, to spending two weeks isolated from society with a top class professor mentoring you with topics such as leadership or deep entrepreneurship. Read more from the ESTIEM-page!

How to get international experience?