European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management

ESTIEM is the organisation for European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management, who combine technological understanding with management skills. ESTIEM’s goal is to establish and foster relations between students across Europe and to support them in their personal and professional development. The ESTIEM network consists of 81 Local Groups in 30 countries, reaching out to around 60 000 IEM students.

What does ESTIEM mean to a single student?

At the local level, the greatest benefit of ESTIEM is its arsenal of events, in which the content varies from 100% fun activities to almost completely academic and self-improving work, depending on the concept. LG Tampere (Indecs and Man@ger) also organises multiple events per year, often jointly with LG Helsinki (Prodeko and Athene). ESTIEM means that Indecs is a part of a Europe-wide network of IEM students, just like all the finnish IEM students keep together on the national level. You can explore ESTIEM even deeper by joining the actives that coordinate all the action from Central ESTIEM.

Why should I participate?

  • Travel cheap: the participation fee fpr the events ranges from 15-70 € (incl. accommodation, trips within the event, all the food, programme). So, including the travel costs to the event, the complete costs usually amount to only around 200-300 € per event!
  • Meet cultures from Turkey and Russia to Portugal – always without the cultural and social barriers
  • Make international friends and connections
  • The contents of the events range from 100% fun and culture to almost completely academic content. The motto “Work hard, play hard” is still usually present.
  • The academic content of the events is appreciated and looks good on your CV
  • “The ESTIEM spirit” – there’s just something to it when you feel like a big family, even if you’re the only participant representing your country! This is something you need to go out and try for yourself.
  • How do I participate?

    Applications take place in the ESTIEM portal. Once you log in, you click the EVENTS-link to see all the upcoming events, application periods, participation fees and event descriptions. Every event has its own Apply for Event-button, which takes you to the application form. The most important thing while filling the form is to show how enthusiastic and interested you are. Former experience with ESTIEM or an extensive study record is rarely needed!

    For more information you can always contact the international team or go to the ESTIEM portal: