ESTIEM events

In ESTIEM there’s always something going on. The scope of event types is huge and listed here are only the most typical event concepts for everyone to apply for. In addition, there’s a number of Coordination Meetings aiming to develop the network and Council Meetings twice a year. Also, more informal events can be found, such as Local Group Exchanges. All of these are usually visible on the portal.

Check up instructions to apply from our ESTIEM front page.




The aim of this comprehensive event is to provide the participants with a deep insight of the hosting country. A special focus thereby lays on national characteristics in politics, economy, and culture (three dimensions). An environment with a blend of different cultures helps the participants get a better understanding of basic local parameters existing in the European states. Lectures given by experts from politics, science, and economy, combined with training about intercultural awareness provide participants a theoretical insight as well. With a high level of interactive participation, Europe3D is a unique opportunity to start changing your world.


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Academic Days events are designed for students willing to complete their curriculum by getting deeper knowledge about an IEM related topic and applying this knowledge to real situations with a personal and professional development purpose in mind. Each Academic Days event focuses on one specific topic in which the organizing Local Group’s university has a high expertise. Moreover, this topic is deeply covered and combines theoretical knowledge with practical applications, both completed by continuous reflection. Learning outcomes characterizing an event are aimed to be achieved by each participant. This is permitted by the coordination of the content and the guiding through the learning process by a mentoring professor.




An Activity Week is an event meant solely for having fun with the hosts and enjoying their culture. The event could include for example student culture, local sports or hiking. It’s a great way to relax: just follow the program, let the organizers take care of everything and have fun with other IEM students from all over Europe!


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The Vision Project is a Europe-wide series of seminars which studies a new topic each year. It explores innovative approaches and useful tools to understand the current trends and emerging issues, and encourages communication between students and business world. Individual seminars can be attended separately. They are organized by different Local Groups throughout Europe, each of them having a unique approach to the general theme. LG Tampere also has many good experiences from organizing this specific event.


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The ESTIEM Summer Academy was set up to bring international students together during summer holidays to engage in open discussion, group work, debate and private study under a senior Academic Leader. By talking, studying and mixing with students from all over the world all participants gain new ideas and perspectives, not just on their profession but also on other cultures. The event is highly appreciated among professionals and takes place somewhere outside the distractions of modern society, giving the participants and the Academic Leader a chance to really engage and reach deep levels of understanding about the topics at hand. Through the Summer Academy project, ESTIEM recognises the importance of and takes responsibility for providing knowledge of ethics and sound leadership among future leaders of Europe.



TIMES (Tournament In Management and Engineering Skills)

The Tournament In Management and Engineering Skills (TIMES) is the largest pan-European case study competition for Industrial Engineering and Management students. This prestigious, highly acclaimed event has successfully been organized since 1994 and attracts around 250 top teams of 3-4 persons each year. Two qualification rounds are required to be selected for the TIMES Final, which takes place in an annually changing venue in Europe. Before reaching this final stage, all the participants take part in a Local Qualification at their home university. The winning team is then allowed to participate in one of the seven Semi-Finals, which are organized throughout Europe. The final week eventually brings together the winning teams from each Semi-Final to determine Europe’s “IEM Students of the Year”. In case you’re interested in applying for Local Qualification, follow announcements from Indecs during the autumn.




BrainTrainer is a project designed to develop leadership, presentation, business and human skills of the participants through professional training. Its aim is to coach and develop the participants to become more professional and successful in their organization as well as in their own future career. The trainings are either led by professional trainers or members of ESTIEM, who might be trainers and/or highly experienced alumni from the business field. Apart from the theoretical knowledge another focus lies on the learning by doing principle, which is facilitated in implementation hours, where the participants can represent the appropriacy of their engaged knowledge by adapting it to a real life business situation.