Promotion of interest and student representatives

Guild’s board:

According to the bylaws of the Indecs the purpose of the guild is “…safeguard the general and common interest (of IEM students) in regard of their studies in TUT, promote and develop the IEM studies and awareness of them in the society, and advance its members professional and societal readiness…”. Like the other guild’s missions also this carried out by the guild board. Fulfillment of this mission includes discussing study related matters in Board meetings, having meetings with the representatives of Laboratory and Faculty and part-taking in the Student Union’s activities. Within the board the responsibility regarding the educational matters belongs to Vice-Chair and Studies’ Officer. If you have ideas regarding these matters don’t hesitate to contact them or the Chair of the Board.

Studies’ officer can be reached by email: opinto ( a )

Other stakeholders

In order to fullfil its mission the Board of the guild deals with variety of stakeholders like the Board of the Student Union, representatives of Laboratory and Faculty and other stakeholders that the board deems important.

Two important groups are the student representatives in University’s Bodies and elected council members in Student Union council. These people are usually members of the guild and often they actively participate in guild’s operations.

Student representatives aka hallopeds:

Finnish Universities Act requires that all of the groups of the university community can part-take in the decision making of the university. This also means students and there are specially selected student representatives in University’s administrative bodies. This means the decision making and planning bodies in faculty and in university level. Student representatives are chosen by the Student Union and they communicate with the student union and their respective bodies. They can help you in a broad range of educational issues.

The bodies that make most of the decisions that concern IEM are the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Business and Built Environment and planning groups of the degree programmes and laboratory’s teaching quality group. Usually the planning group prepares the decisions for Faculty Council to be decided on.

Indecs’ student representativies

Faculty Council of the Faculty of Business and Built Environment:

Juha-Matti Väisänen (deputy Antti Nokelainen)

Planning group for technology and business degrees:

Jaakko Karppinen (deputy Jonna Auvinen)

Teaching quality group for Laboratory of Industrial and Knowledge Management

Jaakko Karppinen (deputy Mikko Sairanen)

Academic Board:

(Lassi Mäkinen, personal deputy for Nelli Putkonen)

Tampere3 working groups:

Finance and management: Elina Ala-Mäyry

You can reach individual representative by going to talk to him/her or by sending an email directly to them (first.last (a) All representatives in our Faculty can be reached by email with address trt-halloped (at) . The most accurate list (maintained by Student Union) of the representatives can be found here.
Student Union usually searches new representatives two times a year for the vacant posts. More information can be found here.

Members of the Student Union Council:

Do you have ideas how the Student Union’s membership fee should be used? If you do, you should reach out to student union council members. In the student union (in which you are also member) the highest executive power is held by the annually elected board but the highest decision making authority and the “boss of the board” is Student Union Council which is elected in direct elections bi-annually. Council consists of 35 members and their deputies and the council members have formed council groups (comparable to parties). For example most of the IEM members of the councils belong to group Optio. The council assembles for a session on average 6-7 times per year and besides this has unofficial meeting to prepare things for agenda.

Below is the list of Council Members that have their background in IEM and they are divided by council groups. People in parenthesis are deputy members:


  • Alenius Ilmari
  • Mäkitalo Elli-Noora
  • Elina Ala-Mäyry
  • Ala-Mäyry Elina
  • (Lehmus Aleksi)
  • (Leskinen Perttu)
  • (Leinonen Ilari)
  • (Väisänen Juha-Matti)
  • (Koivula Juuso)
  • (Haggren Miika)
  • (Keitaanniemi Akseli)
  • (Hukari Santeri)

Kahden tähden teekkarit:

  • (Mäkinen Lassi)
  • (Suomi Tuomas)

You can reach individual representative by going to talk to him/her or by sending an email directly to them (first.last (a) The whole Optio Group can be reached with e-mail optio (at) Please note that the meeting of the council are public and open to all members of the Student Union so we highly encourage you follow meetings. The meeting are announced in Student Union’s webpages and in POP.

The next council electiong will be held in autumn 2018 together with the Student Union of University of Tampere in order to elect post-merger council for the new Student Union.