Indecs brings all IEM students at TUT together, and aims at improving everyone’s study conditions as well as the student life of our members. To complete this mission, Indecs offers a variety of services to its members. Read below for a short introduction tothe services, and visit their respective pages to find out more:

  • Guild room, where our members can chill, talk, drink free coffee, use our computers, read magazines and newspapers or play playstation 3. More info at the guildroom-page.
  • Events, where our members can get to know each other and members of our stakeholders, have fun and learn. Read more at the events-page.
  • Sports that are always more fun in a group. For this, we organize different sports activities for our members, so that we all stay fit and healthy! More info at the sports-page.
  • Course booklets, that help you study and mean that you don’t have to print the lecture handouts yourself. According to our research, its also less expensive to consolidate the printing, which means we  all save money for other stuff! More info at the course booklets-page.
  • Exam archive, which helps you read for exams. Its often easier to study for an exam, when you know what has been asked before in the same exam. More info about where you can find the archive and what it contains can be found at the exam archive-page.
  • Mentoring, which helps you plan for the future. Mentoring means that you can learn from our Alumni what the future can hold for you and which choices could help you when you also eventually graduate. Read more at the mentoring-page.
  • Kolmio parties, in which we have fun together! We organise a huge student party every month at Tampereen Tivoli, where we celebrate together with a lot of other students. Read more at the kolmio party-page.
  • Mobile sauna Mallas, in which you can enjoy wherever and whenever you want to! Mallas is with us at many of our events, but you can also rent it just for yourself. Read more at the mallas-page.