Cotton Candy Machine

Have you always wondered how to make your parties even cooler and better? We have the solution for you: Indecs’ Cotton Candy Machine is a must have to all great parties. It’s a great way to share the fun in sugar form! The price for rental is a cheap 50 euros. Sugar and cotton candy sticks are not included. The machine is almost brand new, it was acquired in spring 2016! You can come and watch the machine at work in some of Indecs’ events. The machine was introduced during Indecs’ anniversary partiy 19.3.2016. The Cotton Candy Machine fits easily in a trunk and has wheels for easy transportation. There’s also a dispenser for sugar included so you won’t get too big cotton candies. Manual for usage and cleaning come with the machine.

Notice that you have to clean the machine before returning it or there will be a added price of 15 euros on top of the rental fee.

If you are interested, contact for more information and for booking!

Fee for rental 50e (added fee of 15 euros if returned without cleaning)


(+358) 50 9185956