Kolmio parties

Kolmio parties are organized by Indecs and two organizations from the university (UTA) Staabi and Luuppi. The parties are held at Ravintolamaailma in Koskikeskus each month. The Kolmio parties bring together students from all the universities in tampere, we have been partying since 2002!

The advance tickets to the parties in TUT are sold at Indecs guild and at stands for three euros a piece. The tickets are available at the same time as the posters magically appears around the university, so be sure to keep an eye out for the posters. You can also buy the tickets at the door for Five (5) euros a piece. You can follow us on Facebook and find all the info about the parties: to the page so go and like the page so you will be updated on the events. Party pictures and videos will be posted on the facebook page so you can go and try to remember what you did.

The themes for the parties change monthly (theme/artist), therefore keep an look out for the posters so you know how to dress-up for the biggest student party in tampere. AND as seasoned veterans know in Kolmio parties getting a friend is half cheaper 😉 !

If you have questions, please contact: kolmiot (at) indecs.fi