Sports activities

Indecs takes care of guild members’ well being through sports activities. In Bommari, members play floorball together with members of guild Man@ger. Once a month, Sportti Cup will be arranged, where members will try some other sports, like snow-ultimate. Indecs wants to get together with other guilds through sports. That’s why Indecs tries to organize sport events with other guilds. Members have also opportunity to participate in other quilds sport events.  Autumn 2016 sport turns:

  • Bommari floorball:
    • Tuesdays 20 – 21
    • Wednesdays 19 – 20
  • Tamppi Arena:
    • Tuesdays 10 – 11:30

    If you have any feedback, ideas, notices or comments, please contact our guilds Well-being officer Julius Pirhonen  (