Company relations

Who are we?

Indecs is a guild for Industrial Engineering and Management students in Tampere University of Technology. Almost every IEM student is a member of Indecs and we have an active community of students varying from freshmen to master thesis workers. Our guild’s purpose is to serve students in many ways, like organizing excursions and sauna evenings. Students can also chill in our guild room when not studying diligently.

All IEM students complete a similar bachelor’s degree that includes various studies, such as industrial economics, marketing and operations management, logistics and leadership. There is also one compulsory technical minor subject in the bachelor’s degree. In the master’s degree students specialize in industrial economics, safety engineering or logistics. Like in the bachelor’s degree, also master’s degree includes a compulsory minor subject.

Why to co-operate with us?

In our studies, we learn to manage large entities with wide perspective, as we study industrial subjects, economics and technical minors. Most IEM students are ambitious, driven by challenges and ready to take responsibility. By co-operating with us, your company can market itself for a talented and interested audience.

For more information about us ask the Corporate relations responsible:


Jonna Auvinen

Email: yritysvastaava (at)

Tel: +358 44 544 7350