Indecs Network

Indecs Network is a rich and long-lasting form of cooperation between Network companies and the Guild of Industrial Engineering Indecs. Network consists of four basic elements, from which companies can make an appropriate reference sets:

• Company visits and presentations

• Advertising, image-building and sponsorship

• Making practical assignments for the company (e.g. thesis)

• Mentoring


Indecs Network has significant a great number of Finnish companies that has recognized the meaning of student cooperation. Network cooperation is an easy way to focus the student effort on Indecs; thus the company can receive a great opportunity for effective brand building as well as a continuous and multi-year visibility amongst the future experts. Centralized choice of the partners offers a clear long-term strategic policy in cooperation with the student as well as providing mutual benefits.

We do not have readymade cooperation packages, as every cooperation agreement is made individually with each firm. Customization will ensure that cooperation responses the company’s needs and preferences. Indecs Network partners have been without exception pleased with the cooperation and seen it as valuable in the future.

For more information about Indecs Network ask the Corporate relations responsible


Miika Haggrén

Email: yritysvastaava (at)

Tel: (+358) 451351014