ESTIEM 360, Eindhoven (The Netherlands)
Luukas Laitasaai & Riku Tuukkala – January 2019

First touch to Estiem in Eindhoven

Seventh of January we took a plane to the Netherlands with excited feelings cause we didn’t know at all what to expect. The concept of the event was ESTIEM-360 and it had many different activities included to one week. This was an excellent way to get to know Estiem organization since in this event we went through all different event types which Estiem is offering.

When we finished our way to Eindhoven University of Technology campus, the first thing we did was to rent bikes (of course) and cycle to our hosts’ apartments in the lovely Dutch rain. All in all, we cycled a lot during this week since all the transitions in Eindhoven were made by bikes. We started every morning by biking to our first activity, of course without any signs of fatigue. It was almost a surprise that only one bike disappeared into Eindhoven’s nightlife.

After the first evening’s introductory games we started the actual activities. Tuesday’s theme was Europe3D which means that we were going to explore the different cities and culture of the Netherlands. During the day we visited Hague and Rotterdam, but the most memorable visit was to the largest port in Europe. We got to hear about the interesting history of the Port of Rotterdam and of course to prepare ourselves for the next day’s TIMES case by considering the space and the bird problem of the port.

The next few days the program contained more brain work. We got to know more about TIMES-case competition, Business Booster and Brain Trainer events. One of the most interesting tasks during this week was the TIMES-case competition after Wednesday’s Cantus event. Before the event, we had no idea what Cantus was all about. However, it became clear pretty quickly that it was actually the local version of sitsis! Cantus was an amazing event and we highly recommend to participate it if there’s an opportunity.

On Friday we focused on Eindhoven and the future vision of the city. Among the other things, we learned that the modern architecture of Eindhoven is due to the massive damage caused by the wars before. In the evening we had the traditional International Night and only the strongest ones were able to go to Stratum, which was the main party avenue full of clubs, bars and of course “walls” where you could buy fast food.

On Sunday we tried to learn the beautiful Dutch language and Lean Six Sigma. We also went to trampoline-park which was a perfect energizer after the long week. Sunday evening Gala dinner was a great way to finish our trip with good food, people and the memories from the past week.

As a whole, the event wasn’t just the easiest three academic credits that you can earn, but a perfect way to get an overall picture of ESTIEM and what it can offer. We were only Finns in this event, so we got to speak and develop our English skills a lot during the week. And of course, we had a lot of fun and we got to meet many great people!

Skiing Activity Week, Montafon (Austria)
Julius Pirhonen – January 2019

This week was more than I ever could have imagined. This was my first ESTIEM-trip and I mostly participated in this event because it was way cheaper than TTHP’s trip to the Alps. With 345€ we got four day skiing passes for the whole Montafon area, accommodation in a really nice and big alpine hut, breakfast, dinner with dessert, beers every day and well organized evening activities. The best thing about the trip was still the amazing group of people who participated this event.

We arrived on Saturday evening to Darmstadt and had a great Ice breaker Evening. Early next morning our bus started its way to Montafon, Austria. We had heard that there is a lot of snow at the moment, but when we arrived, we really realised the situation. Even in the valley, where there is usually no snow, was meters of snow. First day the slopes were not even open to the top since there was too much snow. Avalanche warning was 5/5 and I was pretty nervous because I knew I could not stay on the slopes when the snow conditions were so perfect on the off-piste.

Next day the slopes opened from the top and it was like a dream. Untouched powder everywhere, no wind and the sun was shining. It is easy to say that the next three days were the best skiing days of my life. And I have skied a lot in my life. The only downside was that we didn’t have avalanche equipment, but we tried to say pretty close to the slopes and luckily there was no close calls. Actually, Olli once fell off a steep cliff and thought he would die, but after all he did survive and got a great story to tell.
The days were pretty much the same: Breakfast between 7-9, then a couple minute walk to the lifts and skiing until 4pm. One beer after the great day and then back to the cabin for dinner. After dinner we had some spare time playing cards or relaxing before the evening activities started. The evening activities really made us a one big family and nobody was left aside. It was nice to notice that even though the participants where all (except one) from Germany or Finland, we didn’t form groups by our nationalities. Key learning for me was that don’t joke about alcohol with German people. If you say you play beerbong with vodka in Finland, you might actually have to do it.

Overall, I can really recommend this event if you are not looking for academic content. It was one of the funniest weeks of my life and I am sure I will participate another ESTIEM event after this.

Science Meets Economy, Berlin (Germany)
Lauri Hiltunen – November 2018

Science Meets Economy Berlin was my first Estiem event. It was organized Wed 14.11 – Sun 18.11.2018 as a collaboration between Estiem and VWI. VWI is the German union of students and alumni of industrial engineering and management.

The theme of the event was supply chain management. We had the opportunity of meeting representatives of Amazon, McKinsey, Siemens and faculty of the logistics department of the Berlin University of Technology. The companies told us about the state of logistics today and about technologies that will change it in the future. As a first-year student, it was valuable getting insights from people who already have work experience and are working in companies that are constantly looking on improving themselves. We were also introduced to the ways which companies use to innovate and constantly figure out more clever and efficient practices to implement.

The academic content of the event:

• McKinsey organized us lectures about the future of the supply chain (Supply chain 4.0) and we got to ask questions about what it’s like to work as a consultant at McKinsey
• Amazon held us a 4-hour long case study. We planned in teams of eight where and what types of warehouses should Amazon build in Germany to meet rising demand. They supplied us with data about historical demand and a demand forecast upon which we were to base our decisions. They also showed us what logistics in and outside of Amazon looks like today and what will be happening in the next ~5 years.
• On the schedule where it says VWI, Siemens held a lecture about future technologies, trends and skill requirements. Siemens was open about what they thought the future will hold and I found this very interesting.
• On Saturday in the training slot we had the opportunity to choose from three different workshops. I took part in a workshop where we worked on identifying and resolving conflicts. The workshop ended up being much more valuable than I expected. We learned about tools to analyze situations and learned about how conflicts build up and how to prevent them from escalating. These are soft skills that are definitely valuable in teamwork and especially valuable for people in leadership positions.

SME shocked us with how much manual labor there still is in logistics. At the moment companies are looking to use more robotics and automatization. Unlike I had previously thought, it is not too late to hop on this train of development – there is still a lot to do in this area.

For people interested in events with academic content, I can highly recommend events of this type. We started the days early with the academic part of the event and evenings had the pleasure of exploring Berlin and having fun. We had a huge variety of people coming from different countries. It should not be underestimated how important building a network abroad is.

I would like to recommend academic Estiem events for people who are not yet sure about what they would like to do for work in the future. Fast-paced exchange events broaden your point-of-view and show the possibilities that there are. What I learned about myself in this regard is that logistics is not the field where I see myself working in the future. The representative of Siemens told us about trends and what are the skills needed in future work life. His presentation and answers to my questions made me sure of my choice for my secondary subject in my bachelor’s degree.

Nordic Motivational Weekend, Karlstad (Sweden)
Valtteri Arminen – November 2018

The goal of this Nordic Motivational Weekend was to relax, enjoy and get to know local student life. This was my first ESTIEM event abroad and I was really looking forward to this event.
In Karlstad we arrived on a Thursday afternoon. We had been travelling from 6 am but were excited to meet everyone. We dropped our bags to our hosts and went to dinner/pre-party to meet the whole group.
After the dinner we headed to town where there was this student party at local night club called Koriander. There was only one problem for us Finnish people. The club closed at 2am. We were just about to get into the party mode.
The next morning, we thanked the Swedish laws and early closing times, because our Fridays event was this “fort boyard” styled activity park Boda Borg. Not a great place to have a hangover. But Boda Borg was awesome, the “puzzle rooms” challenged us both mentally and physically. We spent the whole day there and after in the evening we had another dinner/pre-party at our hosts and then to Koriander again.

Saturday morning was quite grey and foggy but gladly the sky cleared a bit for our hangover hike. Luckily the hike was only a couple of kilometres and at the end of the trail there were hamburgers waiting for us. We spent few hours by this beautiful lake fishing and grilling. It was very mind relaxing place. After the hike we had a brief tour in Karlstad’s university. And then we had few hours to take a nap and get ready for this local IEM students Great Gatsby party.

Before the party we had again a dinner/pre-party. It was at this party where we realized that Swedish people use bit different rules in beer pong. I kind of liked their trick shot rule and I think we should start to use here also. After some games we left for the real party which was in this club within a walking distance. There we met lot of new students and played some pong, of course. After that for some reason my memories start to get quite foggy, but I know that we went to afterparty and after that went to get some “souvenirs” that you can find now in our guild room.

On Sunday there were no more activities, it was only goodbyes and travelling. Even though this was the first event that LG Karlstad organizes, everything worked like a charm. They had thought of everything and I want to congratulate them for a great event. It was one hell of a weekend, I feel so motivated at the moment!

ESTIEM 360, Budapest (Hungary)
Valtteri Hanhijoki – October 2018

The goal of this event was to get to know Estiem and all its activities throughoutly. The goal was
achieved, but so were many other things, such as discovering the facts that

– You can survive with 20 hours of sleep a week
– You can party every day of a week
– You can’t fully concentrate on the important presentations because of the things mentioned

Every day there were presentations about different Estiem related things such as Estiem structure and
different activities that are organized inside Estiem. After the presentations, evening activities started.
During the arrival day, we played different kinds of get-to-know games and after that we went to a
pub and after that, to another pub… After that evening I already felt like I have known everybody for
ages. Sleep was pretty much nonexistent during that night.

The second day consisted of presentations regarding Estiem committees. After the presentations we had a
pub crawl. In the pub crawl we went to different pubs around Budapest and in every pub, we had
different tasks to do. After the pub crawl we went to a club. Surprisingly, sleep was nonexistent again.
Next day we had a city tour (pictures 1 – 2) and presentations about Lean Six Sigma and BrainTrainer.

Group photo from one of the greatest views in Budapest

Me and Thomas representing LG Tampere

After the city tour we had an international night. You can maybe already think of where this is going:
Lots of food – lots of alcohol. Unfortunately, I can’t remember anything from that night, but I have
some stories that I heard from my friends that helped me survive through that night.

– I had to be carried from the place we had the international night into the club because I
couldn’t walk myself.
– In the club, I had to be carried too.
– I kind of “fertilized the soil” in the club – don’t remember anything about that.
– After 3 am(?) I had to be taken back to my host, Daniel (best host I could’ve ever been
dreaming of). Naturally, I had to be carried there too.
– At Daniel’s place, I fell asleep in the toilet
– During that night I also lost my phone. Luckily, I didn’t lose it because of dropping it
somewhere but because I had given it to one of the Estiemers. Don’t know the reason behind
that though.

Surprisingly, sleep was nonexistent again (picture 3).

“Coffee break” in my situation

Next day we had presentations about Hungarian language where I learnt the most vital sentences for
my situation:

– Egészégére – Cheers!
– Másnapos vagyok – I have hangover
– Szia – Hi
– Köszönöm – Thank you
– Bocsi, elkéstem – I’m sorry I’m late

Most of the times I had to say: “Bocsi, elkéstem. Másnapos vagyok” (Sorry, I’m late. I have
hangover…). After that we had presentations about BusinessBooster, Estiem magazine and career
development. In the evening we had “Hungarian Night” where we played different kinds of games
one of them being a murder mystery. That night was very chill, and no alcohol existed. This was the
only night when I managed to get approximately 6 hours of sleep.

Next day we had presentations about Vision and Times. After the Times presentation, we were put
into small groups of 4 and we had to do mini case solving. The idea was to show what Times is really
about. Every group had to keep a presentation about their solution for the case and from those
presentations, feedback was given by the organizers.

After that we had, surprise surprise, a party. The party was at the same club we were during the
international night and even though it was Monday, the club was super crowded. We don’t see that
in Finland. In addition, I can remember everything from that night, yeehaw! But again, surprisingly,
sleep was nonexistent.

The last day we had presentations about academic days (summer/winter adacemy) and then we went
hiking to some nice park. In the park we were just chilling and giving feedback from the event. Then
we had the last evening activity, a gala dinner. The place where the gala dinner was held was super
nice and the food was super good. After that we went to a pub and played some games there. From
the pub we visited in Heroes Square.

Then, unfortunately, it was time to start heading back to Finland. Goodbyes were said, and hugs were
given for everybody. It was so late though, that with Tomash we decided to just hang around as long
as we can and forget about sleeping that night, so during that night, literally, sleep was nonexistent.
Overall, the event was super good, and I would not change anything in it! I got many new friends,
and this will not be my last Estiem event for sure, second one being LGE with Ankara.

”See you somewhere in Europe!”

Europe3D, Bremen (Germany)
Jaakko Karppinen – May 2018

ESTIEM Europe 3D -event was my first ever ESTIEM event abroad. Before the event was published, I was
actively looking for an event that I would find good as my first one. When the Europe 3D event was
published, I knew instantly I was going to apply. The event seemed just perfect for a first-time ESTIEMer
and the time was just right. But most importantly, it was held in Germany; the country I’m planning to do
my exchange studies later on. It took me not long to convince Miika Haggren to join me on this event as the
flights were also super cheap and even a straight route from Tampere to Bremen and back.
Me and Miika travelled to Bremen one day early on Friday, which meant we stayed the first night at one of
the organizer’s place. Bremen is a bit smaller in size than Helsinki, so it wasn’t too hard to navigate from the
Airport to the University where we first met the organizers. We got the keys to this guy called Olli’s place,
who lived just outside Bremen in a little town called Lilienthal. It was like the most adorable and
stereotypical little suburb-German town.

The first day of the actual event went by waiting everyone to arrive and getting to know each other. We
were given our event passes and week-long public transportation tickets that were really handy. The public
transportation in Bremen was generally really good and easy to understand, so no wonder it is called the
city of trams. After everyone had arrived, we went to our hostel that was – in my opinion at least – really
good for the money. Could have had a couple more bathrooms though.
As the week was packed with activities, I don’t want to go too deep with every little detail. But the activities
I would really like to highlight were Beer 101, International Night and all the activities on Wednesday (see
the timetable underneath). The Beer 101 was – as the name suggests – all about beer and the German beer
culture. We learned e.g. to open a glass bottle with another glass bottle, some German drinking games and
of course, drank a hell of a lot beer.

If you have ever participated on a week-long ESTIEM event, you probably know what the International
Night is all about. I was really impressed how well everyone was prepared with all the food and drinks from
all around the Europe. I especially liked all the Turkish, German and Russian delights. Me and Miika were of
course also well prepared by having plenty of Minttu, some salmiakki candies (also infused with vodka) and
even some rye chips. Next time I probably need to bring a bit stronger salmiakki, because most people
actually liked it.
The Wednesday topped the whole trip. Even the visit at City Parliament was surprisingly good as we
learned some unique features about German politics e.g. their voting system. After that we had a company
visit at Beck’s Brewery. Even the organizers were surprised by the amount of free beer included after the
tour, so needless to say, we were all quite drunk already at five o’clock. But that was just a good warm up
for the evenings main event: Straba Party. It was essentially a party held in a fully functional tram modified
into a night club. And I must say, I was really surprised how well people could stand up despite of the rough
ride and everyone being super drunk. Simply awesome, once in a lifetime -experience for sure!
Generally, the whole week fulfilled my expectations really, really well! But to be honest with you, there was
one thing I couldn’t really get my head around about ESTIEM and it was all the singing and dancing. I just
felt it didn’t serve any purpose and was simply too childish for my taste. But if the majority likes it, maybe
I’m the one a bit weird, who knows. Nevertheless, I would definitely go on an ESTIEM event abroad again if
the time and theme of the event are right.
One more thing worth mentioning are the awesome people I had pleasure getting to know with during the
event. Even though I probably won’t be keeping contact with most of the afterwards, we all came pretty
close friends during the event. Underneath is a picture of all of us including the organizers and couple other
locals before our Gala Dinner.

Nordic Regional Coordination Meeting, Trondheim (Norway)
Annika Hiipakka, Anton Pikkupeura, Samuel Rintamäki & Henrik Hämeenoja

Our Estiem trip was Nordic Regional Coordination Meeting in Trondheim, Norway from 12th to 16th of
April this year. As a destination Trondheim was beautiful and extraordinary city filled with wooden
houses and medieval castles. In Trondheim there is the best and the largest technical university in
Norway. The reason of the event was to gather together the Nordic Estiemers, get to know the
Norwegian culture and to develop and give ideas to local groups together. Also, self-improvement and
having fun with other Estiemers was an important part of the event. During the event we got to live with
the fellow Norwegian students in their homes and we got to meet many new people from all around the
We visited many great and beautiful places in Trondheim during the Recom. Just to name a few, a state
provided party building for students, an old fortress in the middle of the city and a wonderful waterfront
area. Next, we’ll describe two attractions in more detail.
The highest spot we visited was a rotating restaurant, 74 meters above the ground. The view of the city
from this restaurant at the top of the radio tower was indeed breath-taking, and the food was also quite
good. The university itself was built on the hill from which the magnificent “Hogwarts”, the main
building of the university, casts its shadow over the city. Even though the main building seemed old and
mystical, the other parts of the university were very modern and fancy. About 20% of the population of
Trondheim are students so the university and the student are a big part of the city and its culture. This
really showed during the night when we went to different bars around the city. Everywhere were
students and we fitted right in with the locals and it was great to see what the student life in Norway
really is like.

One of the most if not the most important part of the event was the development of local groups. This
was done in different environments mostly lead by the Nordic Regional coordinator. In the working
sessions you had both chances to work with your own local group and members of other LGs – this gave
a whole new perspective on many matters. All local groups had come up with some challenges they had
that were discussed in the working sessions. These challenges considered topics such as expanding the
LG, how to effectively gain new members and organize big events, such as the Council Meeting,
successfully. As all the LGs were somewhat different this was also a way to gather ideas you’ve never
thought of. Everyone got something to come home and share with their own LGs, some great ideas
were born – such as the legendary ESTIEM MUG™.

Skiing Activity Week, Montafon (Austria)
Anssi Silander, Tero Mäkinen, Johannes Konsti – January 2018

SAW setien näkökulmasta

Ensimmäinen Estiem-reissuni antoi odottaa itseään niinkin myöhään kuin viidennelle opiskeluvuodelleni. LG Darmstadtin järjestemä Skiing Activity Week oli kuitenkin niin hauska kokemus, että harkitsen vakavasti vielä toiselle Estiemin reissulle osallistumista ennen valmistumista. Voin suositella tätä Alppi-retkeä kaikille, jotka nauttivat laskettelusta upeissa maisemissa eivätkä pelkää myöhään yöhön jatkuvaa iltaohjelmaa muiden Estiemereiden kanssa!

Skiing Activity Week alkoi lauantai-iltana Darmstadtissa rennolla tutustumisella ja hengailulla, jonka jälkeen kukin osallistuja siirtyi oman hostinsa luo nukkumaan muutamaksi tunniksi. Hostien vastaanotto Saksassa oli hyvä ja majoituksesta ei ole muuta kuin kehuttavaa. Bussin oli tarkoitus lähteä kohti Alppeja jo ennen kuutta sunnuntaiaamuna, mutta bussifirman sekoilun takia lähtö viivästyi aamupäivään. Itävallan Montafoniin saavuimme kuuden jälkeen iltapäivällä, joten lasketteluvälineiden vuokraus jäi ensimmäiselle laskupäivälle maanantaille. Tämä korvattiin luonnollisesti pitämällä nesteytyksestä huolta, jotta seuraavana päivänä oltiin iskussa rinteisiin.

Seuraavat neljä päivää seurasivat melko samanlaista, mutta todella toimivaa kaavaa. Aamiainen oli joka aamu kello 7.00 – 7.30. Omasta unentarpeestaan ja krapulastaan riippuen jokainen päätti itse, söikö aamiaista vai ei, mutta käytännössä kaikki osallistujat lähtivät rinteeseen joka aamu kahdeksan ja kymmenen välillä. Tässä kohtaa täytyy mainita erityisesti saksalaisten jaksaminen. Muutamat heistä jaksoivat aina illan pikkutunneille asti ja olivat silti ensimmäisten joukossa rinteessä. Rinteessä oltiin päivittäin neljään asti, jonka jälkeen siirryttiin vapaasti joko after skille (Apres ski) tai kämpälle lepäämään. Päivällinen tarjottiin talonpuolesta klo 19 ja täytyy sanoa, että ruoat yllättivät positiivisesti joka päivä. Yhteinen iltaohjelma alkoi yhdeksän jälkeen ja siihen kuului joka ilta muihin tutustumista, erilaisia hauskoja ryhmäkisoja (Trump game ehdottomasti kokeilun arvoinen) ja paljon alkoholia. Iltaohjelma loppui yleensä puoliltaöin, jonka jälkeen osa porukasta meni nukkumaan ja osa pelasi juomapelejä aamuyöhön asti.

Montafonissa majoituttiin tarkoitukselleen täydellisesti sopivassa 4-kerroksisessa alppimajassa, jossa huonekoot vaihtelivat 1-5 henkilöön. Tämä oli hyvä järjestely ja reissun kustannustaso pysyi kohtuullisena. Hinta ja laatu siis kohtasivat tässä majoituksessa eikä muu väki häiriintynyt, kun ryhmällä oli koko alppimaja. Alppimajan kokki olikin menossa mukana usein illan pikkutunneille saakka. Majoitukselta oli matkaa rinteeseen tahdista riippuen 15-20 minuutin kävelymatka. Tämä ei ollut paha matka, kun varusteet sai Ski Depottiin laskettelukeskuksessa edulliseen hintaan (3-4€/päivä).

Montafon paikkana oli miellyttävä. Suomeen verrattuna alppimaisemissa hämmennystä aiheutti se, että matalammalla (800 metriä) ei ollut välttämättä lunta lainkaan, kun taas kahdessa kilometrissä oli täystalvi. Tällä reissulla säät hellivät meitä ensimmäisenä laskettelupäivänä (kolmas päivä lähdöstä) ollen hyvin aurinkoinen. Maisemakuvat otettiinkin heti. Toisaalta lumisessa säässäkin oli puolensa. Tällöin lunta riitti rinteissä ja merkityillä off reiteillä oli koskematonta puuterilunta.

Montafonin rinteet eivät jättäneet meitä suomalaisia kylmäksi. Rinteitä löytyi moneen tasoon aina pitkistä sinisistä rinteistä mustiin skorpioni rinteisiin. Skorpioni mustaa rinnettä ei tainnut suomalaisista kukaan laskea tällä reissulla, mikä kertoo rinteen tasosta jonkin verran. Alppien pitkissä rinteissä tunsi todella, kuinka laskettelu on oikeata urheilua. Viimeisenä (neljäntenä) laskupäivänä reisilihakset alkoivatkin olla kohtuullisen hellänä ja tunsi tehneensä jotain.

Tällä kertaa osallistujina reissussa oli lähinnä suomalaisia ja saksalaisia sekä yksi turkkilainen. Tämä oli mielestämme ihan hyvä kokonaisuus. Toki muunkin maalaisiin olisi ollut kiva tutustua ensimmäisellä ESTIEM reissulla. Ehkä jatkossa reissujen markkinointia olisi hyvä suunnata enemmänkin muiden maiden LG-ryhmille.

Järjestäjät olivat panostaneet reissuun todella paljon ja se näkyi asioiden toimimisena niin kuin pitääkin. Tämä oli suomalaisesta näkökulmasta hieno asia, koska siihen täällä pohjolassa, varsinkin yliopistopiireissä, on totuttu. Joka ilta oli jotain tekemistä ja isonporukan huolto (ruokailut ja juomat) oli hoidettu mallikaasti. Ohjattua toimintaa oli mielestämme vähän liikaa. Se oli todella mukavaa, mutta ehkä yksi ilta olisi voitu pitää ilman mitään ohjattua toimintaa. Välillä tuntui siltä, että vaikka ei huvittanut, niin ei kehdannut olla osallistumatta.

Council Meeting, Poznan (Poland)
Anu Kaukiainen – April 2017

Anun 10 teesiä: miksi lähtisin ESTIEM Council Meetingiin?

Anu ja Jenni matkustivat huhtikuussa eurooppalaisten tutaopiskelijoiden yleiskokoukseen ESTIEM Council Meetingiin (CM). Reissu Puolan Poznańiin osui pahasti Wapun päälle, mutta se ei kuitenkaan harmittanut yhtään, koska matka oli niin huikea. Tähän on listattu Anun 10 syytä, miksi lähteä Indecsin edustajaksi CM:ään.

10 syytä, miksi lähteä ESTIEM Council Meetingiin

1. Tapaat muita tutaopiskelijoita ympäri Eurooppaa ja saat kasvatettua omaa verkostoasi kansainväliseksi. Kaikki ihmiset ESTIEMissä ovat todella mukavia ja hauskoja. Yhteishenki viikon ajan on huikea!
2. Pääset matkustamaan kaupunkeihin, joihin et välttämättä muuten tulisi menneeksi. Kaupungista saa hyvän kuvan paikallisen silmin. Poznań oli todella kaunis kaupunki.
3. PAARTYYY!! Joka ilta on bileet, jotka jatkuvat aamuun asti. Etenkin International Night ja Gala Dinner on pakko kokea.
4. Viikon aikana saat hyvän kuvan ESTIEMistä ja sen toiminnasta. Samalla innostut helposti lähtemään muillekin ESTIEMin matkoille.
5. General Assemblyssa pääset äänestämään ESTIEMin toiminnasta ja siihen vaikuttavista tekijöistä. General Assemblyssa pääset myös kuuntelemaan inspiroivia puheita ja esityksiä.
6. Erilaisten workshoppien kautta pääset sivistämään itseäsi ja oppimaan uutta. Esimerkiksi Anu oppi CMn workshopeissa, miten Tableau data-analytiikkasofta toimii.
7. Pääset puhumaan englantia ja muita kieliä. Halutessasi voit oppia puhumaan vaikka serbiaakin.
8. Matka on halpa, koska alle satasen osallistumismaksu kattaa kaikki ruoat ja majoitukset tapahtuman ajalta. Lisäksi laboratorio antaa matkatukea Indecsin edustajille.
9. Pääset kokeilemaan hyvää ja halpaa paikallista ruokaa ja juomaa. Puola viihdytti matkailijoita euron shoteilla ja hyvillä makkaroilla.
10. Saat kokemuksia, joita muistelet vielä vanhana.

Sinulla on nyt monta hyvää syytä lähteä CMään tai muuten ESTIEMin kanssa reissuun! See you somewhere in Europe!

Poznanin international night ei pettänyt korkeita odotuksiamme

Local Responsible Forum, Tallinn (Estonia)
Jenni Kaipainen & Mikko Sairanen – March 2017

Matka kohti etelän lämpöä, maaliskuista Tallinnaa ja Local Responsible Forumia, alkoi jännittyneissä merkeissä. Syynä jännitykseen ei niinkään ollut itse tapahtuma, vaan autoilu Tallinnan keskustassa. Lahjakkaan naisellisen kartanlukemisen ja lukuisten mutkien myötä saimme lopulta Mikon vanhempien autolle hyvän parkin sattumalta muuan myymälän pihaan.

Tallinnassa järjestetty Local Responsible Forum on nimensä mukaisesti tapahtuma nykyisille ja potentiaalisille tuleville ESTIEMin paikallisjärjestöjen johtajille (local responsibleille). Parasta tapahtumassa olikin ehdottomasti juuri muiden tutalaisten, ns. paikallisten Jennien, tapaaminen ja heidän kanssaan ESTIEM-toiminnan kehittäminen samalla universaalista teekkarihuumorista nauttien.

Päiväohjelma oli intensiivistä paikallisjärjestöjen kehitystyötä harjoittaen muun muassa projektinhallintataitoja, jäsenistön motivointia ja tavoitteiden asettamista. Tallinnan yliopiston tilat vetivät vertoja jopa Kampusareenalle, ja reflektiosessioilla olikin mukavaa nauttia kahvista säkkituoleissa laiskotellen. Kotiin palattiinkin päiväohjelmassa syntyneiden runsaitten uusien ideoiden ja entistä suuremman ESTIEM-innostuksen siivittämänä, ja niitä pääsiinkin toteuttamaan heti huhtikuussa Budapestin vieraillessa luonamme.

Tehokas päivittäinen kouluttautuminen ja brainstormailu sai vastapainoa railakkaasta iltaohjelmasta. Perinteiseen ESTIEM-tapaan kulttuurillisia aktiviteetteja oli tarjolla muun muassa pubirundilla, mielikuvituksellisella kaupunkikierroksella ja International Nightissa. Mahtuipa mukaan myös Jennin ennakkosyntymäpäivät, joiden kunniaksi kokonainen irkkubaari lauloi bändiä myöten onnittelulaulun. Tallinnaa tuli tällä reissulla siis oikeasti nähtyä sataman suomalaisten suosimaa vakionähtävyyttä laajemmin. Vauhdikkaassa menossa eivät tahtoneet pysyä mukana sombrerohatut eivätkä portaikon alla voimiaan keräilleet osallistujat, mutta kaikkien odotusten vastaisesti muuan paikallinen liköörituote kulki turvallisesti repussa mukana läpi tapahtuman aina menolaivalta takaisin kotiin asti.

Muutama muukin tuliainen tarttui näppärästi matkaan, kun noudimme auton ja lastasimme sen matkaeväillä. Haasteilta ei kuitenkaan vältytty autoilun paluuepisodissa: Mikko pääsi miehekkäästi, kädet veressä, hakkaamaan renkaan irti jäätyneestä lammikosta. Muilta osin ehjinä selvittiin takaisin Tampereelle. Telegramiin paluumatkalta lähettämäni viesti summaa hyvin kuluneet viisi päivää: “Tampereella on vahva edustus Tallinnassa ja palataan Mikon kanssa montaa trainingia ja kontaktia rikkaampana sekä toisaalta montaa aivosolua köyhempinä”.

ESTIEM-aktiivit kokoontuivat Tallinnassa jakamaan kokemuksiaan - ja kuvan tapauksessa paikallisia herkkujaan

Vision Biofuels & Geothermal Energy, Tampere (Finland)
Jenni Kaipainen – February 2017

”Perkele, kaira unohtui”, said one #polkadot14 representative when trying to make a hole in the ice. At the same time, a busload of ESTIEMers, industrial engineering students and our new friends, got off Hene’s bus to conquer a cottage in the forest. Our long awaited Vision weekend had started.

The Tampere part of the event started with interesting company visits to UPM and VTT. After a day full of hard work, what could be a more Finnish way of getting rid of the tiredness than going to the forest with a bottle – or two – of Minttu? Seeing all of our visitors enjoy the sauna, try out ice swimming and relax in the hot tub under the light of the full moon and the bright stars, was heartwarming.

After the sauna, the Finns were the last ones to return to the cottage. That’s when our former Local Responsible turned up the volume on the boom box and brought a bit of energy to the peaceful national park. It was a natural moment to forget about stereotypes and jump on the tables.

In fact, the tables were really practical, if you just managed to stay on top of them, which seemed to cause occasional problems. They worked out even for sleeping purposes. Next day, while our participants solved cases for UPM and Uponor with fresh ideas and full stomachs thanks to TEK and K-Market, the undersigned organizer had to take a nap to top up the previous night’s good sleep of one hour.

After successful case solving the participants switched into suits and dresses and went to the gala dinner in Hullu Poro together with the hosts. Exotic reindeer meat and blueberry ice cream made clearly an impression and that’s when a new hashtag, #tamperebetter, was created.

As a natural continuation we visited the rodeo-themed bar downstairs. The bravest of us even tried to ride the electric bull right in the middle of the bar, with more or less success.

The top of the event was of course the Kyykkä World Championship. Waking up to kyykkä party music early in the morning confused the French I was hosting. Despite the careful preparations, coaching and Minttu-chocolate hydration none of the Vision teams made it to the next round. That didn’t stop us from continuing by switching our focus on the hydration side, since from the perspective of a coach, that was definitely the side that needed more practice.

The details of rest of the kyykkä-day disappeared into the night, including some hats, coats and even some Vision participants, who had vanished by the morning.

Thanks to our amazing organizing team that consisted of students from Indecs and Man@ger, mostly fussis, and our super helpful hosts, we managed to organize this wonderful event. We were left with crazy stories and memories, four huge bags of bread, some nasty bruises from getting out of the hole in the ice and most importantly, plenty of new friends to visit all over Europe.
It was very interesting and a lot of fun to see how international people explore our country and our ways of doing things. That’s why it has been proved, once again, that you need Vision to see.

Vision seminar ended with Kyykkä championships

Motivational Weekend, Siegen (Germany)
Pauli Lakkisto – December 2016

Valkohaalarisitsit joulukuussa 2016. Kv-henkinen ystäväni oli jo aiemmin mainostanut joululomalla pidettäviä ESTIEM-tapahtumia, ja ajatus oli lähtenyt itämään. Sitsien toisella tauolla tämä kytevä ajatus sitten leimahti liekkeihin ja haimme Siegenissä pidettävään motivaatio-viikonloppuun, vain pari tuntia ennen deadlinea. Hetken näytti jo siltä, että lähtemättä jäi, mutta niin vain tie vei Saksaan. Lennot varaukseen ja matka oli valmis alkamaan.

Varhain aamulla 29.12. lensimme kohti Düsseldorfia. ESTIEM-osuus alkoi vasta päivää myöhemmin, mutta päätimme ottaa pienen varaslähdön, jotta riittävä motivoituminen varmistuisi. Aikaisen lähdön ansioista olimme myös perillä ajoissa, jopa niin ajoissa, etteivät paikalliset ravintoloitsijat olleet vielä saaneet lounastarjoilua käyntiin. Löydettyämme vihdoin lounaspaikan seurasi iloinen yllätys, kun ”iso paikallinen” paljastui litran tuopiksi tummaa olutta. Paikallisylpeys Altbier tulikin päivän aikana tutuksi.

Seuraavana aamuna siirryimme Kölnin kautta Siegeniin. Hostimme odotti jo asemalla ja kierrätti meidät idyllisen pikkukaupungin läpi, ennen kuin menimme tapaamaan muita osallistujia. Tässä vaiheessa alkoikin suomipoikia jo jännittämään, sillä meitä odotti parikymmentä tuntematonta estiemeriä. Noh, tutustumisleikkien ja syömisen jälkeen suuntasimme kohti illan yritysvierailua: Krombacherin panimoa.

Ikuisuuden kestänyt matka oli koetus, mutta vihdoin saavuimme Saksan toiseksi suurimmalle panimolle. Paikallisten opiskelijoiden suhteiden ansiosta saimme kierroksellemme mukaan aidon olut-sommelierin. Sommelier johdatti meidät panimon uumeniin, jossa tarjolla oli raikasta olutta suoraan putkesta. Pettymykseksemme tätä suodattamatonta herkkua ei ollut myynnissä kaupoissa sen heikon säilyvyyden takia. Panimovierailu ei ollut kuitenkaan pelkkä tehdaskierros, vaan pian meitä odotti Krombacherin kabinetti, jossa tarjolla oli paikallisia herkkuja pöytiin tarjoiltuna.

Seuraavana päivänä ohjelmassa oli tutustuminen Siegenin kauniiseen kaupunkiin. Hieman väsynyt joukkomme intoutui kiipeämään Siegenin kukkuloita, joten kaupunki olikin lähes täysin kartoitettu muutaman tunnin jälkeen. Saksan kansallisruuan – Dönerin – jälkeen oli aika palata majoitukseen ja valmistautua uudenvuoden juhlintaan. Bileet ylittivät varsin korkeat odotuksemme. Eräs paikallinen oli valjastanut talonsa Project X -tasolle, saksalaista insinööriosaamista taas oli esillä mm. itse rakennetun paljun välityksellä. Suurimmat ihastuksen tunteet suomalaisdelegaatioomme aiheutti kuitenkin pihalla parkissa ollut läheisen panimon pakettiauto, erityisesti sen kuistille siirretty sisältö. Myös edelliseltä illalta tuttu sommelier oli saapunut jakamaan asiantuntemustaan. Edellä mainittujen seikkojen sekä iloisten eurooppalaisten ystävien ansioista uudenvuoden aatosta tulikin oikein hilpeä ja onnistunut.

Viimein motivaatioviikonloppu oli tullut päätökseensä ja oli aika siirtyä takaisin Düsseldorfiin ja Suomeen. Lentokentällä törmäsimme vielä vanhempaan suomalaiseen herrasmieheen, joka jakoi muutama tiukkaa teesiä oikeanlaiseen elämään. Motivaatio oli löytynyt.

BusinessBooster, Paris (France)
Lotta Hämäläinen – December 2016

Olin pitkään harkinnut reissua ESTIEM:n kautta, mutta vasta kolmantena opiskeluvuotenani
heräsin tähän huikeaan mahdollisuuteen. Joululomalle tarjoutunut matka Pariisiin uutena vuotena kuulosti täydelliseltä osumalta ja sitä se todella olikin. Viikon mittainen reissu eurooppalaisen kulttuurin, muodin ja taiteen ytimeen koostui hauskanpidosta, nähtävyyksistä sekä yritys-casesta.

Ensimmäiset päivät vierailimme legendaarisilla nähtävyyksillä aina Moulin Rougesta Sacré-Coeurin kautta taidemuseoihin. Toki pääsimme myös ottamaan turistikuvia Eiffel-tornin
juurella sekä kokemaan pariisilaista yökerhokulttuuria.

Isoin agenda matkallamme oli tehdä Ranskan ”VR:lle” eli SNCF:lle chatbot challenge -case siitä, kuinka implementoida chatbottien käyttö yrityksen työntekijöille. Päivät olivat pitkiä ja työntäyteisiä, mutta erittäin hyvällä ruoka- ja majoituspalkalla homma sujui mukavasti ja case saatiin onnistuneesti esitettyä tuomaristolle.

Matkasta erityisen huikean teki ESTIEM-henki ja upeat ihmiset, joihin matkan aikana sai tutustua. Vaikka alussa minua jännitti matka täysin tuntemattomien ihmisten kanssa, osoittautui tämä turhaksi. Haluankin suositella ESTIEM-reissuja jokaiselle unohtumattomien kokemusten ja ihmisten takia. Lähtekää heti kun pääsette, sillä opiskelujen edetessä aikaa ei ainakaan
ole enemmän kuin nyt!

Regional Coordination Meeting, Tampere (Finland)
Maria Kudinova – November 2016

November has been an ESTIEM-rich month. For a weekend at the end of November we got a bunch of IEM students from other Nordic Local Groups. The event had an innovative start in the form of start-up sits with some high-quality product pitching. Even the food had a real-life tinge to it. Since only 10% of start-ups succeed, 10% of the participants got a Big Mac as a starter, the rest getting a small cheeseburger or salad.

The days were filled with workshops and trainings aimed at developing the local groups whilst the evenings on giving the participants as wholesome as possible a picture on teekkari-culture in Tampere.
Some things learnt during the weekend:
– You can never drink too many cups of coffee and oat biscuits with chocolate are the best to go along.
– Kyykkä can be played any time. Also in the dark when the ground is covered in slushy snow. The most important thing is to have some hot chocolate with Minttu.
– There are university specific cultural differences in the right way to play beerpong.
– Starting up a business is hard. Selling your ideas too. Sometimes you don’t only lose money, but have to drink a shot with a chili pepper in it.
– The wind on top of Pyynikki tower can steal your hat.
– If you walk a random person’s dog in the centre of Tampere and then propose, you will be accepted.
– You can sit forever outside in a hot tub. Especially if the temperature is below zero.

ReCoM started with a very energetic, start-up themed sitsit party

BrainTrainer Heaven, St. Petersburg (Russia)
Tina Hietasalo – August 2016

What are the end products when you combine the following ingredients: brain training in negotiation skills, the beautiful city of St. Petersburg in our fascinating neighbor country Russia and excited ESTIEMers from every corner of Europe? A considerable amount of useful knowledge, new unforgettable experiences and a lot of new amazing friends. Sounds quite intriguing, right? That’s ESTIEM! With Karim Hafez, we were the lucky ones who got selected to participate in the BrainTrainer event from LG Tampere. I was thrilled to be able to join this amazing group of people, since there were so many applicants for the event. Furthermore, our generous guild Indecs even supported our trip with 100 euros.

So, what really happened during our stay in Russia? Our exciting week consisted of many different kinds of activities all the way from intensive brain training in negotiation skills to interesting cultural activities and parties. Our lectures and exercises in negotiation skills were built around different kinds of stimulating themes: business communication, how to manage in managerial duels, negotiation planning and conflict management, cross-cultural aspects in negotiations and also secrets of non-verbal communication. Actually, I was really impressed with all the things we learned during the week. The lectures were a perfect combination of various exercises that really made our brains do the work.

In addition to intense learning, we were also able to experience the Russian culture in various forms and have a considerable amount of fun while doing so. For example, we had a Russian language session, a Russian dance class and a traditional family dinner in the Russian way. In fact, we were even able to show our Russian dancing skills in our international night! The idea behind the international night was to bring traditional foods and drinks from our home countries to share with the others – and see the reactions of course! It was one of the greatest nights during the event. I was able to taste things I couldn’t even have imagined to exist. Also, another unforgettable experience was our city tour with a party bus! And yes, the party bus was actually a bus with everything you could fantasize to need in order to have fun.

St. Petersburg is also known for being one of the most beautiful cities in the world. After seeing it myself, my only choice is just to agree – the city really impressed me. During the event we visited one of St. Petersburg’s most famous and popular visitor attractions Peterhof, which is also referred as the “the Russian Versailles”. In addition, we also visited the State Hermitage Museum which is one of the largest and oldest museums of art and culture in the world. To be honest, I have never seen anything as fascinating. It is hard to try to describe these experiences, so I will just warmly recommend you to visit them yourself.

To conclude, this ESTIEM BrainTrainer event was a perfect combination of learning and collecting new experiences and friends. For myself I can say that I am already looking forward to other exciting ESTIEM events to participate in. Meanwhile, I send greetings to Finland from my ERASMUS semester in Germany.

Student Entrepreneurship Training, Tel Aviv, Bremen & Einhoven (Israel, Germany & the Netherlands
Samu Ahola – July 2016

Probably the most amazing event ESTIEM has ever done

I was sitting in a conference room with 20 fellow European students in Beersheba in the middle of the Israeli desert on a blazing hot Monday afternoon, wishing the local beverages match the name of the place. Ceremonious speeches marked the beginning of ESTIEM SET 2016. Having spent the past seven weeks volunteering in Brazil and the previous weekend wandering around Israel with my backpack, I felt exhausted. It did not help to find out that we were up for what was to be the most intense three weeks ever.

The week was full of touring the country with our bus, company visits and fancy dinners. On top of that we conquered a mountain with the sun rising above the dead sea and went for a swim – or float – afterwards, saw the old hoods of the big J in Jerusalem and dug into the mad party scene in Tel Aviv. Still, we were missing one thing and that was sleep. After having absorbed all the start-up buzz during the week we were divided in teams to work with for the following two weeks.

I ended working on a Starbucks-esque tea franchise concept with an Indian buddy who was an expert in the field. Along the way three other guys joined our team. It was then time to move to Bremen, Germany for the second week where we confronted vast amount of weißbier, a verbally aggressive pitching jury and loads of Pokémon running in the street. After a week of group work and trainings we traveled to Eindhoven, the Netherlands to finalize our projects. Besides of that, we were rolled on our mighty bicycles all around the city and tried some local specialties such as… stroopwafels. Soon it was time for the final pitching and the gala dinner. We managed to win the first prize with our presentation which obviously was an incredible finish for an awesome trip.