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Guild of Industrial Engineering & Management, Indecs, is a student organisation founded in 1986 that brings together all students of IEM at Tampere University of Technology. The most important duties of the guild include providing networking and enjoyable activities as well as contributing to the development of IEM education at Tampere Univesity of Technology and familiarising our members to different career possibilities both overseas and in Finland.

For companies

The students of Industrial Engineering & Management at Tampere University of Technology are future experts in technology and business, and our guild brings them all together. Thus, cooperation with our guild offers your company with a special opportunity to market career opportunities or the organisation and its services in general to future applicants, representatives of customer companies and other stakeholders.

TIMES SemiFinal Helsinki&Tampere, 5.-9.2.18

Accenture Strategy

ESTIEM Local Group Tampere, which functions under the guilds of Industrial Engineering and Management, Indecs, and Knowledge Management, Man@ger, organizes together with Aalto University’s Local Group Helsinki an annual TIMES case competition’s semifinal on the week 6.

TIMES is a concept where Industrial Engineering and Management students from all around the Europe compete of the title “IEM-student of the year”. This title is very wanted because each year teams from all the 82 Local Groups travel to compete with a goal to win the whole competition. Traditionally teams from Finland have succeeded well.

Now for the first time organized in Finland the semifinal starts in Helsinki area and ends in Tampere.
The main sponsor in Tampere, Accenture Strategy, enabled the organization of the event. Because of them we are able to organize a nice quality event for the participants but also for the other members of LG Tampere as part of the program is open for members too.

Consultants from Accenture Strategy picked up the case that the teams will solve on the case day. Moreover, we will get some of them to be part of the jury and it will be an enormously valuable possibility for the contestants to get individual feedback from professional content.

The event culminates in gala dinner that will be held after the case day. The winner team of the semifinal will be announced during the dinner and it is possible to follow that live from the Facebook page of LG Tampere.

The winner team of our semifinal will be travelling to Vienna for the final of the competition in March.

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