Congrats to those internationals who got accepted to study Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) in Tampere University of Technology. The time to make the best choice of your life is at hand!

The community of IEM students, the guild Indecs, welcomes you to study with us. With Indecs, you will get the help for studying, unique work life experiences and of course, a lot of friends and fun! To ease your way into the TUT life and IEM program, tutors from Indecs: Ira, Jusa, Lotta and Olli, are eager to help you. See how they describe the student life here:

Ira Sood: “TUT is fairly international in the sense that there are students and staff from many different countries and linguistic backgrounds, which makes the transition into a new environment an experience shared with many. Finland is the perfect mix of fun and seriousness which is apt for all kind of people. It is a beautiful place with so much to explore. The opportunities here are tremendous and hard work is appreciated. Contrary to general belief, people in Finland are very cordial and helpful. I have not felt out of place here for a single day and hope to recreate the same experience for new IEM students this autumn.

Jusa Karinen: “What I enjoy about TUT is the variety of activities you can do here. Besides studies, different company projects, excursions and so on, you can hang out with different clubs situated at the very same campus. There is DJ club, orienteering club and if you fancy some winemaking, there is also a club for that. The list goes on and on, but these are definitely my favourite. Can’t wait to explore them with you, our new IEM students in the autumn of 2017!

Lotta Hämäläinen: “Student life in Finland and in TUT is very diverse. The university offers brilliant framework for studies and the student life is very active. In Tampere and TUT you can find everything you need! TUT offers great possibilities for all hobbies and free time activities. Besides the studies and hobbies, a lot fun and parties are held for all students. Still, the best thing about student culture in TUT is friends and the community of all technical students!

Olli Virtanen: “Student culture in TUT is something very special. I have spent 3 years in Indecs and still every day is funnier than the previous one. All people have very nice sense of humor and when I meet new people, it feels like I have known them for a while. We like to have fun, but besides most of us are really career orientated. As the good point, it doesn’t matter do you like to study, work, or party. You can do all that with the same people!

With the welcoming words of Indecs tutors, we look forward to seeing you in TUT next academic year! And if you are still hungry for more stories about settling in our university, read more about Ira’s first impressions of studying in TUT in the first guild magazine of the year: (page 26)