Credits From Special Assignments and Projects

Tampere University offers degree students a wide range of opportunities to earn credits in addition to the usual course completions. On this page all the opportunities suitable for international students are gathered in one place, so you can easily find specific opportunities that interest you or earn credits from other achievements related to your studies. Please note that the most up-to-date information on all opportunities is available on the official study guide, Intranet and / or Moodle page if available. The information on this page is for the academic year 2019-2020 only!

Special Assignments in Industrial Management

Special assignment courses are suitable for all degree students in Industrial Engineering and Management regardless of the stage of the studies. On these special assignments you are the project manager for yourself: the scope and scheduling of the assignment is up to you. The topic of the work is also freely selectable. For example, it may be a pure literature review on a topic that interests you, it may be related to a project you are working on professionally and so on. The unit of Industrial Engineering and Management also offers ready-made research topics as well as business topics, which are listed on the course’s Moodle page.

Moodle page
Study guide: Directed Study in Industrial Management
Study guide: Advanced Study in Industrial Management
Study guide: Project Work in Industrial Management

Person responsible: Mr. Lauri Vuorinen,

Innovation Challenges

Innovation Challenges is a case-based project course organized by Y-Campus and it’s suitable for all students, regardless of the major or the stage of studies. The course is worth of 5 ECTS.
Y-Campus description: “These challenges are real life projects, that bring your creativity skills up. This course will take your theory knowledge into practice and shows you the innovation project phases through real examples. You will challenge your thinking and gain insights about your own strengths and capabilities – you build your expertise. This course pushes you into action: setting goals and achieving them. All this is done together with the team and excellent coaches – not alone. In addition to curiosity, you need to commit to 10-15 working hours per week”.

Study guide

Person resposible: Mr. Jussi Myllärniemi,

Contemporary Circular Economy Challenges and Solutions

During the course, the student learns independently about the circular economy, its key concepts, contemporary themes and the latest phenomena from different perspectives. The aim is to adopt a wide-ranging circular economy perspective and to activate the circular economy thinking. There is no contact teaching within the course, instead the completion of the course will be carried out in accordance with the instructions given on this Moodle page.

Moodle page
Study guide

Person resposible: Mr. Jarmo Uusikartano,

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Previously acquired skills can also be verified by credits. Previously acquired learning may come from, for example, organizing a major event as a project manager or other person in charge or participating in a case competition that applies the skills learned during the studies. Credits are always awarded on the basis of the accumulation of new competences and not on the basis of the number of hours completed. The scope of the report and the number of credits that can be earned are always considered case-by-case. For this evaluation please contact the person responsible at the unit of IEM.

Person resposible: Mr. Teemu Laine,