Indecs alumni has founded by Industrial Engineering students of Tampere in 2002. The alumni action was experienced as a necessary link to the changing working life. Furthermore, Guild of Industrial Engineering and Management Indecs wants to provide the opportunity see old schoolmates to its members.

Alumni is more active nowadays as we organize at least two annual meetings, one in the fall and one in the spring. The autumn event is held in Tampere, for example in Teekkarisauna, so the alumni have opportunity to refresh their memories from studying years. The spring event, Wappubooli for Indecs alumni, is held in Helsinki. It is a natural city to keep one alumni meeting because many Indecs alumni has moved there and therefore we try to reach a large number of participants to alumnus events.

The Indecs alumni is maintained by the Guild, but alumni have their own board which is responsible for the arranging the events. The alumni board is selected every year in the autumn event.

You can join Indecs alumni if you are graduated and you will be part of us again. Our objective is to meet regularly together and develop the alumni operations. Remember also to join Alumni Facebook and LinkedIn groups!

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If you have any questions or development ideas for alumni actions, please do not hesitate to contact to alumni[at]

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