Study Counseling

It is advisable to seek the advice of a Study Advisor, especially when it comes to issues related to your degree program. Study Advisor can help with the preparation and approval of study plans and in the choosing of major and minor subjects. Study Advisor is a part-time working student in IEM, so this is a good place to get study tips from a student’s perspective. Study Advisor can also be approached for other study-related problems, and if the Study Advisor is not able to advise on the subject, he / she can refer the academic officer, the student counselor or the study psychologist, for example.

Joonas Karaila is currently working as a IEM Study Advisor. It is a advised to approach the Study Advisor with courage, even if you are not sure whether your issue is within the job spectrum of the Study Advisor. Study Advisor is available in room FA115 at separately announced times. You can also reach the Study Advisor by email at .

In more in-depth questions, you can also directly approach the IEM Academic Officer Minna Baggström. You can reach her during regular office hours from room FA108 or by email at or by phone at +358401981720.