Other Events

Indecs organizes a whole heap of events for its members every year. We strive to organize events in such a way that they are easy to attend and the atmosphere would be pleasant for all. We organize all kinds of events from traditional sits to well-being events and other small treshold events such as board game evenings.

Sits are an event that you have the opportunity to get quite familiar with, and often multiple sits are organized during both the Autumn and Spring semesters. For example Friends sits are organized in the Autumn and Pre-Colours sits together with various organizers on the first day of Wappu. Indecs organizes each Spring a sits with Boomi and TLK.

Every Autumn Indecs organizes Herwanta Challenge, a playful forest adventure, where the teams go orienteering in the woods of Hervanta and have different tasks and finally in the evening there’s a warm sauna waiting for the competitors at the last checkpoint.

Many of the events are hosted in co-operation with other organizers like guilds and subject associations. Thus you get to meet new people in an enjoyable atmosphere! Regularly events are held together with for example Johto, Man@ger and other associations in the Faculty of Management and Business.

Our most glamorous event of the year is the anniversary ball held every March. Attendees adorn themselves in their full evening dress for this party. We have a cocktail ceremony for the guests of honour, the main event which includes a three-course dinner and the afterparty where you can dance until the morning. A herring breakfast where you can continue to party or just hang out, is held the following day.

If there is anything you want to ask, would do differently or if you have new ideas, don’t hesitate to contact our Events Responsible by sending an email to tapahtumat@indecs.fi.

Pictures from past events can be found in our gallery. Future events can be found from our event calendar.