Guild room

Our guild room is our home base at the University. We all use it for different purposes and in different amounts, and the best thing is that there we have something for everyone. Some are said to even sleep there, whereas most of us just spend the occasional coffee break there enjoying free coffee and getting to know people. Everyone is always welcome!

The guild room is located at the guild hallway of Konetalo, which can be found behind the big lecture classes of the main hallway of Konetalo. The two entrances to the guild hallway are located at the north-eastern corner of Konetalo (outside) and in the main hallway of Konetalo, between the big classrooms.

At the guild room you can drink free coffee (provided that you are a member and have paid the EUR 5 annual fee), read newspapers and comics, talk with other members and get to know new people, play FIFA or NHL on the Playstation or use the computers.. Welcome to our guild room!