Anniversary Gala

The anniversary gala is the most distinguished and sophisticated academic occasion. Similar to a sits the guests get to enjoy good food, drink, company, singing and speeches. In addition honors and accolades are meted out to distinguished parties. The elegance of the occasion is reflected on the dress and behavior of the guests.

Indecs’ anniversary galas are followed up with a boisterous after party and the next day’s herring breakfast (aka sillis). Sillis is a merry time during which the ceremonies of last night can be forgotten and the dress code follows a delightful theme of the day.

More information about each year’s anniversary is available on the 37th anniversary website.

Dress code

At Indecs’ anniversary galas the dress code is white tie with possible academic honors. For a man a white tie means a tailcoat and for women a long evening dress. The tailcoat can be also replaced with a black suit. A white shirt and a pearl grey tie are the most festive combination to wear with a black suit. The tailcoat can never be replaced with a tuxedo. The color of the tailcoat vest is usually white at evening events.

At academic table parties, the dress code often also includes possible academic honors. Academic honors refer to badges of honor and merit awarded by universities and student communities, as well as student union/association ribbons. They are used only at celebrations of universities and student organizations in accordance with the statutes of the awarding body.

Behavior during the evening

At the anniversary party you will meet a lot of familiar and unfamiliar people. You get to know the strangers best by introducing yourself. At the beginning of the evening it is good to introduce yourself at least to the people sitting next to you, if you do not know them before.

It is not advisable to eat, drink or otherwise disturb the speaker during the speeches. Speeches always end with a song, which is most often somehow related to the speech. Also, it is not advisable to eat during a song unless the song specifically requires it. It is common not to drink a drink, even water, until it has been opened with a song. The master of ceremonies can, if wishes, declare food peace, for example, for the main course, so that people can enjoy the joys of eating instead of singing.

Source: Tampereen teknillisen yliopiston ylioppilaskunta. (2015). Tamperelainen sitsikäsikirja. Ensimmäinen painos. Pages 8-11 and 17-25