Kolmio parties

Biggest monthly student party in Tampere

Three bars and two terraces

Drinks priced for students

What kind of party?

Indecs organizes Kolmio parties together with Staabi and Luuppi, student organizations from the Center Campus, at the Ravintolamaailma bars in Koskikeskus Mall. Students from Tampere University, Tampere University of Applied Sciences and even all over Finland come to this event to have a good time. Indecs also organizes kolmio preparties.

How to get there?

We sell tickets at Hervanta Campus and Center Campus for 3 € and in Kide.App for 3.30 €. In Hervanta the tickets are primarily sold at ticket stands but they might be also be found at the guild room of Indecs. At the Center Campus tickets can be bought at the offices of Staabi and Luuppi. Once in a while we put up ticket stands at Tampere University of Applied Sciences as well. Ticket sales start at 10 am on Monday of the week preceding the parties (so not the same week). You can get in without a ticket for 5 €.

Remember that the Kolmio bus takes you to Hervanta for 2 €. The bus leaves from Suvantokatu at 2.30 pm and 3.30 pm. The route is Messukylä Messukylä – Lukonmäki – Hervantakeskus.

When is the next party?

The dates, VIP-competitions and other information is most readily available by following Kolmio parties in Facebook or Instagram @Kolmiobileet.