Student Rights

Note: This is an unofficial translation. In the event of any discrepancies between the Finnish and English versions, the original Finnish version shall prevail.

Section 8 – Curriculum and available courses and modules
”Students must enroll on courses in accordance with the University’s instructions. If the number of students enrolled on a course exceeds its capacity, consistent criteria will be applied in the admission process. Priority will be given to students for whom the course is compulsory based on the right to study and the relevant curriculum. Faculties and independent institutes providing instruction may issue more specific regulations on the principles for course admission. Students must be informed of the order of priority beforehand”.

Section 22 – Academic counselling and personal study plan
”Students who wish to deviate from the study plan approved for a degree programme must gain separate approval for their study plan. All students receive support for the preparation and updating of their study and research plans”.

Section 27 – Assessment of study attainments
”The assessment criteria for study attainments are public”.

”Study attainments must be assessed and the results recorded within 21 days of their submission or the final date by which they should have been submitted” … ”The results of assessments held between 1 and 31 August can be published over the course of a longer period than that specified in Section 5”.

”Separate instructions are provided on the assessment of studies”. Unfortunately, this separate instruction is only available in Finnish. In unclear situations, please contact The Responsible of Study Affairs of the Board at

Section 33 – Graduation with distinction
”A student whose completed study attainments amount to an unrounded credit-weighted average of at least 4.00, who has received a minimum grade of 4 for his/her thesis and who has completed his/her degree within the set normative time is eligible for graduation with distinction. The absences listed in the Universities Act (558/2009) are not counted towards the degree completion time”.

“To be eligible for graduation with distinction, the student must have completed at least 40 credits worth of bachelor’s or master’s degree study units graded on a scale of 1–5 at Tampere University”.

Industrial Research Fund at Tampere University of Technology gives out graduation awards for Master of Science in Technology and Architecture degrees at Tampere University from graduation with distinction. The award is EUR 500. Graduation Awards are granted without application and may only be paid to Finnish bank accounts in Finland. Additional information on Tuni website.

Section 34 – Right to a safe study environment
“Students and staff members are entitled to a safe, equal and fair study and work environment”.

Section 35 – Rectification and appeal
”Requests for rectification regarding the assessment of a study attainment must be submitted within 14 days of the date upon which the student had access to the assessment results and to information on the application of the assessment criteria to his/her work”.