Exam archive

Indecs Exam-return-competition is here!

Return your exam papers and win awesome prizes! To participate, please do the following:
⇨ Take an exam and take the test paper when you leave, if allowed. If you have old exams with you, they are also suitable for return!
⇨ Return the paper with your name on it to the guild room’s black mailbox during 25.2. – 12.5.2019! You can also return the exam scanned at opinto@indecs.fi.
⇨ You get two (2) points from all the IEM exams (TTA-xxxxx) and from other exams in mandatory studies. All the other exams are worth of one (1) point, including central campus. The most points earned people will be rewarded with awesome prizes!

Quite often when preparing for an exam its useful to check some of the previous exams for consultation about what could be asked. Because of this, we keep an archive of IEM exams. In addition, many other guilds have an online exam archive. Man@ger’s exam archive can be especially useful for us IEM students: http://tietojohtajakilta.net/opiskelu/tenttiarkisto/